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Happy Paws, A Home from Home for your Dog

Happy Paws Hotel is one of Ireland's top destinations in which to holiday your darling family dog. Owner, Yvonne Naughton opened this doggie haven in 2005 and believes that locking away the adored family pet for a week or two in a traditional confined facility is wrong and causes the dog huge levels of deep emotional stress.

At Happy Paws, we simulate the dog's home environment and more because we have the time to focus on the needs of each and every dog in our care. It is an enormous responsibility and we love every minute!

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Happy Paws Hotel

Our seven year old border collie, Beowulf, has stayed with Yvonne many times now, over the last three years. When we lived elsewhere, we used other kennels, where we had to cajole rather hard to get him even to enter the premises and went away feeling very guilty because we knew that how he would be treated for his stay would be nothing like how he was treated at home.

So, it was a total relief to meet Yvonne and the team at Happy Paws and to see the wonderful set-up that they have organised for the 'guests'.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating: when we bring Beo over, he becomes very animated and wags his tail wildly as we drive in, impatient to jump out of the car and head straight for his entrance gate, with nary a backward glance, as he romps in! :-)

So we know that he really is having a real doggy 'holiday' when he's there and we feel very relaxed about his not being able to be with us, and at home, when it's not possible.

Since he's such an active dog, we're thrilled that he can be outside a lot, playing with other dogs, and that Yvonne even brings him for walks and paddles in the river. We're also glad that he eats well.

We love our dog and so we're really grateful that the wonderful Happy Paws exists to help us out with his care, when we need it. Thanks so much, Yvonne!

Siobhán Armstrong
Owner Beowulf