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Happy Paws, A Home from Home for your Dog

Happy Paws Hotel is one of Ireland's top destinations in which to holiday your darling family dog. Owner, Yvonne Naughton opened this doggie haven in 2005 and believes that locking away the adored family pet for a week or two in a traditional confined facility is wrong and causes the dog huge levels of deep emotional stress.

At Happy Paws, we simulate the dog's home environment and more because we have the time to focus on the needs of each and every dog in our care. It is an enormous responsibility and we love every minute!

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Happy Paws Hotel

Our dogs have been frequent visitors to Happy Paws Hotel over the past few years. Our old dog "Holly" was a regular until she was almost 15 years old. She used to stay in the house with Yvonne, hanging out with the older dogs at a more leisurely pace. Indeed, she was so comfortable there that when we dropped her off, she would head straight to Yvonne’s kitchen door! A particular favorite was hanging out with Yvonne’s old dog Freddie, sharing doggie chews, in the back of her jeep.

Our other two dogs also love going to Happy Paws.  They have so much fun playing with the other dogs in the big enclosures and on the walks by the river, that they come home exhausted!  Both of them were rescue dogs and had some trust issues when they first came to us.  However, thanks to the great effort by Yvonne and her wonderful team, they have gained so much confidence and have truly come on in leaps and bounds.

We cannot recommend Happy Paws Hotel highly enough. Yvonne and her team treat their "guests" with such great love and understanding, we go away in the certain knowledge that our dogs are in the best and safest of hands. We simply couldn’t imagine sending them anywhere else.

Bobby and Mary Wemyss