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Happy Paws, A Home from Home for your Dog

Happy Paws Hotel is one of Ireland's top destinations in which to holiday your darling family dog. Owner, Yvonne Naughton opened this doggie haven in 2005 and believes that locking away the adored family pet for a week or two in a traditional confined facility is wrong and causes the dog huge levels of deep emotional stress.

At Happy Paws, we simulate the dog's home environment and more because we have the time to focus on the needs of each and every dog in our care. It is an enormous responsibility and we love every minute!

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Happy Paws Hotel

Good morning Yvonne.

I would like to thank you again for looking after our Gabbana. I was so depressed, when I realised we have to leave her here alone, but when I saw her on Saturday with no interest in us at all...I was so sad and so happy in the same time :-D She had the best time with you.

You are amazing person!!! Thank you!

From now on we know where to go, if we need accommodation for her ;-)

Have a really nice day!

Katerina Jaros, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14
Owner Gabbana